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This site is dedicated to the forms of art using programs as a first class material. So actual and yet so classical.

algorithmic art
cybernetic art
generative art
genetic art
artificial art
interactive art
software art
=> programmed art

Systems - models - simulations - processes - cybernetics - real time - artificial entities - animats - robots - interactivity - intersubjectivity -perceptive systems - autopo

media arts course - UCLA

This course is a survey of the history and development of the media arts. It deals with the many ways in which artists have applied and reacted to new technology and various media from the late 19th century to the present. The approach is media archaeological: the development of media arts will be investigated within a broad cultural and historical framework. Intertextual ties to other cultural forms will be emphasized.

Opportunity for WA visual, sound & performance artists

The ARTRAGE Festival 05 runs from Oct 01 - Oct 29 2005 and is being mounted exclusively in Northbridge and the Perth CBD. We are currently calling for WA artists of visual, sound, and performance orientations for 5 of these programs. We are currently calling for WA artists of visual, sound, and performance orientations for 5 of these programs including: The Dirty Rotten Cabaret, The Salvation Show, The 24 Hr Play Project, Supermart Window-shopping & Audiosity. All program information and application forms are available by going to the Artrage website, or read more for further details.

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Australian Government - Culture and Recreation portal

The Culture and Recreation Portal provides access to online services and information in the fields of culture and recreation, from all levels of government and the non-government sector. We provide access and search facilities for over 3,200 Australian sites.

Victory in Europe

Song Competition

AuStrALiA's DeADliEst tALent qUeSt.....
"Cyanide Idol" is open to any original song or spoken word about issues relating to cyanide-leach mining and Lake Cowal. (this can include topics such as dangers of mining, corporate greed, theft of Indigenous land, protection of water ways, impact of mining on communities...). there's stacks of prizes to be won- movie ticktets, cds, gift vouchers and more. Plus all entries get to go on the CD. All styles of music welcome. For more information on the issues and for inspiration check out the website

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cut and splice (UK)

This year's Cut and Splice festival presents Dots and Lines, a cluster of events that explore the idea of notation and the relationship between score, image, text and sound in electronic music and sound art. Focusing on the gap between ideas and experience, between abstract concepts and their relation to the tangible, Dots and Lines considers the analytical, performative and documentary nature of music as written document and code. It throws into relief our very concept of what constitutes the musical experience and considers the complex dialogue between time based and static
art forms. read more for details or visit

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maxim digital audio

vst plugins

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