The initiative of three students from the Elam School of Fine Arts in Auckland, Window arose from the sense that Elam and its attendant arts community was isolated and inaccessible to larger audiences. The project aimed to address this lack of dialogue by creating a situation where artists, writers, academics, engineers – anyone with a good idea – could display works and interact with audiences.

Audio Foundation

The Audio Foundation, founded in April 2004, is a Charitable Trust for the support of innovative and experimental audio culture in NZ.

The presentation of this includes performances, CD releases, radio transmissions, field recordings, installations, site-specific public work and work in conjunction with new media.

SCANZ - Solar Circuit Aotearoa New Zealand

Planned for July 2006, SCANZ follows in the tradition of Solar Circuit and Polar Circuits. These events consisted of the gathering of diverse artists, curators and producers involved in contemporary practice with projects and activities intersecting the environment in some way. The full title of the event is Solar Circuit International New Media Workshop and Residency Aotearoa New Zealand, the first and largest such event to be held in Aotearoa New Zealand.

ADA - Aotearoa Digital Arts

ADA will be a working conference involving new media artists, critics and curators. We'll be looking at critical questions of resourcing, education and practice.We're in the planning stages now, and would love to hear any suggestion you may have for participants and key questions for discussion. We're keeping it local (while working on the odd international visitor and web conference). The focus is to connect people within New Zealand and Kiwis working internationally.

Carnival of e-Creativity & Change-agents Conclave (India)

CeC & CaC is The Carnival of e-Creativity & Change-agents Conclave - the first in a series of public events deploying an exploratory and widely-inclusive canvas of participation & content from India and the world. The forum aims to address the Creative Empowerment of Individuals by the burgeoning spread of Technology across multiple streams of Creative Human Endeavour. visit for more details

electrofringe / tina 2005 - mind map + photos

I've finally gone through the bag I brought back from electrofringe / this is not art 2005. haven't had time to write it up, so I'm trying a mind map from sourceforge's freemind instead.

attached is the freemind pdf file or freemind file

photos from the event can be viewed @ my flickr tina2005 tag

Expand - Collapse

or here's a screenshot of the freemind file :

::: location:

remember now @ Blacklab Gallery, Brisbane

Blacklab invites you to: remember now - a one day exhibition of contemporary souvenirs by Joanna Callaghan. Friday 16 December 11-9pm, Drinks 6-9pm. remember now includes a series of Brisbane postcards, a Michelle Leslie bikini with matching burka and a Falconio trial momento series of coasters and mugs. Joanna Callaghan is an Australian artist based in London. remember now is an exhibition of new work made over the last four weeks during a residency at Brisbane's Raw Space. read more or visit or for more details

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Banff Centre REFRESH! media art, science & technology conference - recorded sessions online

In September / October 2005, the Banff Centre hosted the recent REFRESH! conference, The First International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology. "Refresh! discussed questions of historiography, methodology and the role of institutions of media art. The conference contained key debates about the function of inventions, artistic practice in collaborative networks, the prominent role of sound during the last decades, and emphasized the importance of intercultural and pop culture themes in the Histories of Media Art. Readings of new media art histories vary richly depending on cultural contexts. This event called upon scholarship from a strongly international perspective. Refresh! represented and addressed the wide array of disciplines involved in the emerging field of Media Art. Beside Art History these included the Histories of Sciences and Technologies, Film-, Sound-, Media-, Visual-, and Theatre Studies, Architecture, and Visual Psychology, just to name a few." If you missed the face-to-face conference, visit the website to listen to the recorded sessions.

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