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"Child's Play" exhibition by Numskull @ blank_space gallery

Numskull is a one man street art band. Dabbling in the arts of graffiti & stencils, this kid has a barrage of images that'll stun you in even the darkest of alleys. Child's Play bears witness to these images coming to life. Clothing, badges, art and sculpture will be on display at blank_space gallery, Thursday 9th February - Wednesday 15th February 06.
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blank_ space is an independent gallery that showcases contemporary art, industrial design and nurtures progress and innovation in the arts. situated in surry hills, the gallery is conveniently located on crown street in the heart of sydney's design district. blank_ space offers high exposure as a street level space, the gallery is fully equipped and can handle all types of exhibitions and events from one night performance to multi-week, group shows and prototype launches. with a high tek fit out blank_ space is ready for artists / designers & firms to use as the quintessential space in the delivery of their ideas. blank_space is interested in supporting national and international established and emerging artists, curators, designers, performers, firms and organisations.

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Nam June Paik

..a work from 1973 called A New Design for TV Chair. In it, Paik appropriated an image from a 1940s popular-science magazine that depicts the home viewer of the future watching television. Television had already become a monopolistic industry that was a conduit for advertising, a "communication" industry that operated on a one-way street of information. But in A New Design for TV Chair, Paik posited his own questions to project an alternative future for television:


How soonTV-chair will be available in most museums? How soon artists will have their ownTV channels? How soon wall-to-wallTV for video art will be installed in most homes?

Paik envisioned a different television, a "global groove" of artists' expressions seen as part of an "electronic superhighway" that would be open and free to everyone.The multiple forms of video that Paik developed can be interpreted as an expression of an open medium able to flourish and grow through the imagination and participation of communities and individuals from around the world. Paik, along with many artists working as individuals and within collectives through the 1960s 14 and 1970s to create work for television as well as for alternative spaces, challenged the idea of television as a medium and domain exclusively controlled by a monopoly of broadcasters.


This piece, taken from Nam June Paik's website was written by John Hanhardt of the Guggenheim Museum. I think it's an apt description and I wonder if Nam June Paik would have been happy to see the recent videoblogging community and works becoming more popular on the internet.

Nam June Paik's studio announced over the weekend:

"Nam June Paik passed away at his Miami home at 8:00pm EST on Sunday, January 29th, 2006. Funeral information to be announced."

The Living Room

The Living Room Series III is a weekly 30-minute magazine style TV programme. It's about artists, musicians, filmmakers and other inspirational characters that operate away from established art institutions, record companies and production houses. Each show is made up of three or four different clips –one of the clips features a New Zealander living overseas and the remainder focuses on Kiwi's living in New Zealand. A different personality or artist hosts The Living Room each week from their own living space, giving the viewer a look at New Zealand's creative evolution through the eyes of its artists. There is no 'fame' prerequisite for people featured on The Living Room, just the ability to entertain and inspire. The Living Room lets the artists tell their own story. The Living Room series 1-3 were created by Sticky Pictures. read more or visit for more details

Banff Centre REFRESH! media art, science & technology conference - recorded sessions online

In September / October 2005, the Banff Centre hosted the recent REFRESH! conference, The First International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology. "Refresh! discussed questions of historiography, methodology and the role of institutions of media art. The conference contained key debates about the function of inventions, artistic practice in collaborative networks, the prominent role of sound during the last decades, and emphasized the importance of intercultural and pop culture themes in the Histories of Media Art. Readings of new media art histories vary richly depending on cultural contexts. This event called upon scholarship from a strongly international perspective. Refresh! represented and addressed the wide array of disciplines involved in the emerging field of Media Art. Beside Art History these included the Histories of Sciences and Technologies, Film-, Sound-, Media-, Visual-, and Theatre Studies, Architecture, and Visual Psychology, just to name a few." If you missed the face-to-face conference, visit the website to listen to the recorded sessions.

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dpwolf, quartz composer and electrofringe workshops

I went to 2005 electrofringe a few weeks ago in Newcastle, Australia. I haven't finished going over my notes or posting some of the links to the artist's projects, but one of the workshops I went to was on Quartz Composer hosted by dpwolf. The software runs on a MAC, which unfortunately I don't have. :( perhaps if we get a project bonus this year I might be able to save up for one so I can try the software (and also max / msp }. anyway, I also came across the name dpwolf on the videoblogging mail list and low and behold it's the same person. he seems to do some work with Adrian Miles, who does some great projects with video and interactive quicktime and media in general. small world. I'd love to do the course Adrian teaches but can't afford to give up work to do it fulltime. due to excessive work commitments, I had to drop the Internet Communication course I was doing at CQU. now that I've finally upgraded my (this) site and moving most of my projects online (so as not to be so dependant on my laptop in case of travelling without it), I'd like to experiment more with blogging, videoblogging, podcasting and digital art and music projects (in addition to listing other people's projects on the site), hence, why the blog posts here have now become more personal. I've been reading about and been across these media for a while but haven't had much time to play myself, so that's the goal for the next year (& hopefully continuing onwards).

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Mimetics research

Richard Brown has a BSc in Computers & Cybernetics and an MA in Fine Art and creates interactive artworks using multi-media technology, computer programming, electronics and interfacing.

This website illustrates interactive artworks I have created over the last seven years.

The works represent the results of an enquiry into the nature of mind and consciousness, concerning concepts of space, time and energy.


webbed |net|codewurks



Gail Priest is a Sydney based sound artist. Her practice involves sound design for performance, installation and electro-improvisation. She is also a curator, writer and commentator on sound and new media arts. Gail Priest's website is

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The Big Idea - New Zealand creative industries community site

an online community of New Zealand's creative industries.


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